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Welcome to  Media Zone Consulting.  

Quite simply, it takes one to know one. This former award-winning investigative reporter knows the news business inside and out. Knows what’s coming at you before the reporters knock on your door.  Sherman can get your message out there in a simple, clear and powerful way. She knows media, lawmakers and business leaders across Colorado and the country. She can get you on the air, web or print. Watch your sales jump. Witness more people clicking on your websites. Polish your own image on camera and in public. Take your social media strategy to a new level. Strategic communications, social media, crisis management; it’s all in the Media Zone.


Strategic communications, social media strategy, media coaching, crisis management, public relations, corporate communications, hosting and voice work. Can make complicated subjects simple and easy to understand, writing and working on daily deadlines, conducting background searches on companies and individuals.

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